Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Slab Run How-To

Take an extant slab run namelist

ensure input files from $WORK/caminput
change nsrest
change case_id
set rest_pfile

create the file pointed to by rest_pfile, based on the lnd version; or edit as needed

in qsubscript:
change job name
ensure correct executable

ensure you have the right executable!

If everything is under control the executables should be properly named in CAM31Executables

Ah, python, python, when will I see you again? http://www.pauahtun.org/Misc/4nobletruthsofpython.html

Restart howto

> nrevsn = '/work/00671/tobis/camrun/restart/camrun.bsi.cam2.r.0021-01-01-00000'
> rest_pfile = './cam2.camrun.bsi.rpointer'
< nelapse = -14966
< nsrest = 0
> nestep = -14966
> nsrest = 1
> rpntpath = './lnd.camrun.bsi.rpointer'

what's with nrevsn vs rest_pfile? nrevsn seems to be for branch runs.

So what I think should be the case is just the nsrest should change; rest_pfile and rpntpath should botrh be set. As always, the cam2.*.rpointer file must be manually edited to remove the hard-wired NCAR path. The land model does not have this bug.