Wednesday, December 15, 2010


setenv DIN_LOC_ROOT_CSMDATA $WORK/inputdata # put it where it wants it
setenv DIN_LOC_ROOT $WORK/inputdata # have it both ways
setenv CCSMROOT `pwd`
setenv MACH prototype_ranger
setenv CASEROOT `pwd`/CAM_Alone
setenv CASE CAM_Alone # not mentioned in instructions
setenv RES T42_T42
setenv COMPSET F_2000
cd ccsm4_0/scripts
create_newcase -case $CASEROOT -mach $MACH -compset $COMPSET -res $RES
cd $CASEROOT # not mentioned in instructions
./configure -case
$CASE.$ # you may need to prepend a dot and a slash

OK, I have all the files I guess but the build still fails on the ocnvenient auto-download.

Oops, looks like I just missed one for some reason.

Haha, building at last. MCT done, PIO in progress.

Preusmably ESMF will kill me, right?

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